No frills, no thrills, no monthly bills.
Gymrat is your workout companion app.

iPhone & iPad

Whether your exercise program is provided by physiotherapist, a personal trainer, or you design it yourself, you need to proceed at your own pace, adjusting reps and weight as appropriate. This, and the fact that your routines are likely to be switched up every few weeks, makes it challenging to keep track of exactly where you're at in each exercise you do.

GymRat helps you keep track of the information you need when it's time to do a training session. Create workouts, add exercises to them, and configure sets for each exercise. Sets are unique so each can have its own rep quantity or length, and weight.

Get get distracted at times? GymRat keeps track of what set you're on. Don't like having to check the wall clock or your wrist every few seconds to know if your timed set or rest period is over? GymRat lets you know when a set has ended and when it's time to start the next one.

Apple Watch

Like the convenience of not having to pick up your phone ot tablet to see what's up next? Want to be able to leave your phone in your gym locker? GymRat has you covered. It comes with a companion Apple Watch app.

The watch app has your workouts, exercises, and sets. It lets you update set, rep, and weight values, and it includes the timed set and rest period timers.

Using GymRat on your watch is as easy as raising your wrist. And it automatically syncs to your iPhone and iPad.