Never lose another Apple Watch Activity competition.
Défi will help you get your 600 points every day.


Competition points are calculated from three inputs: stand hours, exercise minutes & move calories.

When you open the Défi app, your current competition points are displayed at the top of the screen. Below it are the stand, exercise, and move sliders.

Adjust the sliders to see how to best get to 600 points in the time you have left. As you move each slider, its new value will be displayed, and the rings and total points dynamically updated.

Tap the optimize button to the right of each slider to set that slider's value to what is needed to get you to the 600-point daily limit.

Apple Watch

Tend to leave your phone at home? Défi has you covered. It comes with a companion Apple Watch app.

Instead of using sliders, tap on an input line to select it and then use the crown or optimize button to adjust its value.

As with the iPhone app, the new value will be displayed and total points dynamically updated.