No frills, no thrills, no monthly bills.
Gymrat is your workout companion app.

iPhone & iPad

If you're like me, you prefer to design your own workouts (perhaps with input from a trainer), you like to proceed at your own pace, and you don’t want to be spoon fed with what to do on any given day. You also like to switch up your routines every few months and so have very little use for pages and pages of historical data (that you'll probably never look at anyway.

GymRat gives you what you really need to know when you hit the gym: what exercises you're doing in any give workout, how many sets and reps (or minutes) you're doing them for, and at what weight.

Get get distracted at times? The GymRat also helps you keep track of what set you're on. Don't like having to check the wall clock or your wrist every few seconds between sets to see if your rest time is over? The GymRat even has a between set rest timer that notifies you when it's time to gat back to it.

Apple Watch

Like to be able to leave your phone in your gym locker? Or just don't like constantly pulling your it out of your pocket or pouch to check what's up next? GymRat has you covered. It comes with a companion Apple Watch app.

The watch app has your workouts, exercises, and sets. It lets you update set, rep, and weight values, and it even has the rest timer.

Using GymRat on your watch is as easy as raising your wrist. And it automatically synchs to your iPhone and iPad.